Coloring away Pain

By Jodie Cooper 21 May, 2016
I am getting excited!! Volume 5 "Coloring Hope" is nearly finished!! A few more pages to draw and off to the printers!!  This book page styles are a mixture of Fun Silly doodles, Detailed drawings and easy to color pages.  As with all my books you will find inspirational quotes and uplifting words.   I feel this is one of my best books.  I listened to the community and did my best to includes pages fun for all to color, no matter if you are an avid color-er, creative colore-er or just a regular color in the page color-er the pages are all designed so any skill level can enjoy the book cover to cover!! I  It is scheduled to meet the press June 3rd.. Release date June 10th!! If you want to reserve a signed copy, please go to my contact page  and let me know..  I will send details to you. 

I hope everyone is enjoying my first 4 books!! Color me Inspirational Volumes 1-4!  Volume 1 and 2 are made up of very intricate doodles!! Volume 3 was created using the quotes and inspired by "Griefshare" great for those who are facing loss, suffering depression or just in need of support!  Volume 4 is less doodlie and has bigger spaces to color while still enough detail to create beautiful pages!!  For samples, colored pages and more .. find me on facebook!!   HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND EVERYONE!! 
By Jodie Cooper 18 May, 2016
Welcome to my blog!  
My name is Jodie Cooper, I love to draw, paint, doodle and spread joy to others!! I believe in God and staying positive. I have 4 dogs who are my babies 2 pitbulls and 2 chihuahuas. I love love my dogs!!  I have suffered from anxiety, panic, depression and chronic pain. There have been times I was so down I became confined to my house!! So I understand very well what  it is like to feel immobile and isolated.  Coloring is now being used as "treatment" to help aid in mental health issues, science and studies have proven coloring is healing!!  For me personally reading my bible and drawing is healing for me in much the same way!  Want to know more, check out the report that was done by   (CLick) CNN

I fell into creating coloring books really by what I thought was accidental.. now I believe God played a huge part in this and has allowed me to use my doodles, drawing and art to help others!! I decided before I created my first book if I couldn't give back, I'd rather not publish my art and wallah I found a way to use my books to give back by using the royalties from my sales to send books to those who need them!! Nursing homes, Elderly folks, disabled, troubled teens and others who live in poverty and can't afford to purchase a coloring book!! I have contests that allow me to give both books and mediums (colored pencils, pens. crayons etc . .) away!! Watch for them both here and in my facebook group! 

Color me Inspirational is a series of coloring books I have created and filled with uplifting quotes and a wide variety of styles to color! Currently I have 5 books for Sale on and here on my website (simple click "Store" to view and/or purchase a copy!

By Jodie Cooper 18 May, 2016
How can I make a difference? I am no better off then they are!!

It might surprise you to know . . no matter what your current position or status YOU CAN make a difference.  I kind word,  a smile, little things!! Hold the door open for that lady trying to get her and her baby stroller through the door!  Offer a Kleenex or tissue to the person you see crying , you don't have  to know all the details of why someone is upset but a little gesture will often go a long long way!  Simply pray for a friend or stranger, you may not see the blessings in their life but who knows better then God what we need  . . right?  And remember helping someone else when you yourself are down is also very healing. It's a good feeling to help others! 

I do have resources but I am not sure even where to begin.

Start with a friend or even an acquaintance , maybe you would feel good about donating to a cause that hits close to home.  No matter how big or small your donation to a cause. it WILL make a difference in someone's life somewhere!  

Who are you helping?

I wasn't sure when I started this if I could help anyone. but I didn't see any reason not to try. I first helped a few friends and acquaintances I met online by sending my first coloring book free to a few I knew couldn't afford one. They got so excited I decided to hold what I call a "Pay it forward sale"   I used the sales and in some cases the donations to fill a list I started for those with disabilities!! In just 2 short months I was able to place nearly 100 books in needy hands!! Of course God had a big hand in all of this as the start of making coloring books really fell into my lap! To date I have placed many many books in the hands of those who need them!! I even made a book especially for the kids at St Jude's!! Happily I have already been able to send shipments to them as well!!  I have placed books in Nursing homes, with individuals and even in a rehab for troubled Teens.  I guess you can say I help where I can as I am able to. I follow my heart and try to remember to listen to the good Lord and let him guide my steps. And God willing I will with your help still be helping others this time next year too! 

How can I help you continue what you started?

Ahhh, very simple really. You can share my website with friends, family and acquaintances!  You can purchase a book for yourself to color!! And yes that sale will help another!! You can purchase one of my books for a friend :)  If you are not interested in coloring but would like to make it possible for someone on my lists to get a book you can also "donate" more on how as I get my site up. I prefer not to just ask for money, I hold contests so that those who do donate have the opportunity to have some fun and even win some prizes!!  Keep checking back!! 

How do I know you are really using the money from sales to help others?

Currently you can stop by my facebook!!   many there can attest to the books I have sent and many in my group are the actual recipients of many of my pay it forward sales.  I will also be adding a page to my site showing where books are being sent along with information that can be verified for those who may be skeptical. 

What kind of coloring books have you made? How do I find them?

Color me Inspirational is a series of Inspirational quotes from the bible and other resources combined with pages that range from sloppy silly doodles to more realistic drawings. I try to keep a variety of styles and page themes so that you are less inclined to become bored.  I consider books currently on the market and try to bring something new and fresh to the coloring world. However I am finding with so many new artists coming up that is not always easy to do. Mostly I draw from the heart, ever page in my books have significant meaning and are drawn with emotion. It is my hope that there is something for everyone and while coloring your too will be touched in some way.  You can request signed copies for an extra fee, I will list ones I have available on this website, you can find them by clicking  The following link   ,  or you can purchase them through A complete list can be found midway down the page by clicking here

I love coloring but I can never find pictures or quotes that appeal to me, do you ever draw pages requested by others?

Absolutely!! I do love feedback!!  And I have added pages that others have requested or asked for.. maybe it was a certain style or flower.. or maybe a quote that they love!! Please do not be shy!! You never know where your special requested page may show up!

Do you hand draw your pages or use computer generated art?

I do hand draw all my pages. I draw inspiration from the art I see online, in my daily life, from friends and God. I add even the pages I feel didn't turn out as I had hoped and find sometimes the pages I nearly threw away are often the pages most like by some of my followers!! 


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