I can't tell you how much Joy it was to send this coloring book! Now only was she so surprised and excited to get it. .  it was the very first coloring book she has ever owned!!  How many more elderly and disabled folks out there who have never even had their own coloring book? Well that is hard to say but I am sure the numbers might shock us. The good news is together we can make sure many of these people CAN enjoy the healing of coloring!! A single book purchase will assist in helping someone. somewhere!
 I created the Samantha Kathleen Tribute page for the family of Samantha Kathleen (Kirtland) Chandler of TN.  This page will
be included in Volume 5 "Coloring Hope" Her life was taken too soon at the hands of another and it still under investigation.
Her smile reminds me to find JOY in our everyday, we just never know how long we have here.  Adding her tribute to my book
I hope not only will remind others to remember to see the blessing that surround us everyday and not forget to take life for granted. But also to be kind and remember we all need a little support from time to time. It's so easy to get caught up in things that really don't matter.. Look at her beautiful smile .. she was kind to everyone! She loved with all her heart and her family and son were her world. She dd find joy in even the little things something we can all learn to do!! Samantha Kathleen, you will not even be forgotten , your spirit, zest for life and smile will live in our hearts! RIP sweet angel RIP.
This book was created for the kids of St Jude's Hospitals!! As of 5/4/2016 2 shipments of books have been sent via Vilma Carnahan  of Memphis, TN 38105. Wooohooo My goal is to get 2500 Book in the hand of the St Jude's Hospitals before retiring this book.  Help me help the kids of St Jude's! Every Purchase sends a Book to the kids! 

31 people in my facebook group along with over 77 others 2 nursing homes and a home for teens received My Volume 1 FREE you can find the Facebook list by clicking here ----->  FB LIST  This was all done before January 1st 2016! My First book was released  October 10, 2015!!  I have since sent out dozens of each of my books to elderly, disabled, contest winners and more.. Please check back for a completed list..
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