Who can apply?

 Do you fall into poverty income? Are you on Social Security and are 63 or older?  Are you Under 63 and disabled? Do you live in a Nursing home,  Home for troubled teens? Do you have a child with Cancer who is confined to St Jude's or another Children's Hospital?  If so, you may qualify to receive a free book!  See below for more information!

Now that I know I qualify, how do I apply?

Before you apply, be sure to fill out the application completely! All applications are verified.  If you are the resident of a nursing home,  home for troubled teens, hospital or any other facility please include the name, address and phone number along with contact name for the facility to assure quicker processing. 

1. Click on the Application  to apply

2. This will open the forms page, once the page is open fill in the form completely.

3. Once you have filled out your form completely, click "SUBMIT"  and you are done!! 

Please allow up to 3 weeks for approval notice! In most cases approval takes less time depending on the number of applicants ahead of you.  If you do not hear back from me in the time allowed please email me!  
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