Color away pain & grief one page at a time

Welcome to Color me Inspirational! 
What makes these Adult Coloring books different?

Unlike many of the other adult coloring books that are all "Picture themed" (filled with birds on every page,  filled with all fish or other items and/or animals. These books are not picture themed! These books ARE filled with quotes of Inspiration but offer a
wider variety of page styles to color so you never feel like you are coloring the same pictures over and over. 

Where can I find these books?

Currently I have 5 books available on Amazon.  You can find then by title, Color me Inspirational,  Coloring love, Coloring Away Pain, Coloring Psalms and Sons and Color my world happy  all by Jodie Cooper. or you can . . .  

Purchase books that make a difference!! 
How does purchasing these books help others?

For every book purchased, money is used from books sold to put these same books in the hands of the needy. Color My World Happy for instance was created specifically for the kids of St Jude's Hospital. 100% of the sales of this book goes to sending the same book to the kids of St Jude's.  Help bring a smile to a child of St. Jude's! 

The sales of my other books help me spread them to our Elderly communities. Books are sent to disabled adults who have very little or no income ... Troubled Teens in rehab and/or other organizations. It has been scientifically proven that coloring does in fact aid in helping those who are depressed, grieving, suffer from panic disorders, loneliness and a list of other problems people of ALL
ages suffer. 
How can I get samples, do you offer free pages?
YES!! I do have page give away's and offer free sample but, you must be a member of my facebook group to get them!!  All are welcome to Join!! 

We have over 1000 members and still growing.  This is a No Drama ZONE and designed to keep people updated about new products and all those I have been able to help with sales. Here you will find contests for book and medium giveaways, free pages,  other's shared coloring pages from all adult coloring books (You can post pages from other authors however, I ask that you do not share other book titles and/or author names simply to prevent the onset of Spamming and/or advertising in my group!  We keep it clean as well so everyone can color share and enjoy of all ages.  Come on over and Join us!!   

Are these books just for Adults?

NOPE! You will find pages in every book that will appeal to all ages!!  Though I had the adult in mind when I started the series we are finding kids love these books and often beg their parents to color the pages!!  I try to include a variety of page styles so there is something for everyone :) 
How much do these books cost?

All my books are under $20.00  And range in price from roughly $7.00 to $15.99  Depending upon specials, size and the time put into drawing the pages. Most of my books pages are filled edge to edge.. very few with the exception of "color my world happy"  contain a smaller drawing in the middle of the page.
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